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My new t-shirt came in a compostable plastic bag July 11, 2009

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I have so many free t-shirts from different events, races, volunteer opportunities and none of them are comfortable. They’re the heavy, rigid cotton that doesn’t breathe.
So in looking for some new summer-time t-shirts I wanted something comfortable, organic and unique. This led me to Skreened where I could get all 3 of these features, provided I bring the uniqueness.  Skreened is one of those ‘make your own t-shirt’ outfits on the internet.  They’re angle however includes organic t-shirts from American Apparel made here in the U.S.  Plus, they have alot  of philanthropic and sustainable initiatives that most ‘make your own t-shirt’ providers don’t have.

One for example is the biodegradable shipping back.  See my bag which arrived several days ago with my new t-shirt.  Maybe one day all of our plastic bags will be compostable, wouldn’t that be neat?