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Landscaping the backyard; currently ideating March 12, 2009

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The back yard is a post construction disaster and now it’s time to do something.  Not only does it look horrible, but my dog is treating it like a mud wrestling pit and I’m sick of bathing her after every outing.  The short-term solution has been to throw down a bunch of straw until i can come up with the master plan.   Like with the front yard, we’ll focus on drought resistant and native plants, plus try to reuse any rock, brick or wood that we can.  The idea would be to use my rain barrel to collect water from the gutter and have that be the only source of watering the backyard.   Still on a serious budget though, so it’ll have to be a balance.



I looked online briefly, but then immediately turned to my local library.  Picked up 2 books:

Modern Garden Design, by Thames and Hudson – partway through the book.  Takes a nice historical perspective and ties in alot of the thinking of the well known modern architects.  Enjoying this book thus far, though the pictures are a bit lacking for generating ideas.

Making the Modern Garden , by Christopher Bradley-Hole – This one had nice pictures, but lacked in historical substance i was kind of looking for.  Much of the focus of the book is on the author’s own landscape architecture work.

Let me know if you have any good online resources that aren’t for the uber-wealthy.