Attempting to Live a Sustainable Lifestyle in St. Louis

Environmentally friendly decisions are tough

About May 14, 2007

What is this blog about?????

It was about following our green home building project, but now its about general green living; home, travel, building, clothing, etc.

It’s about wanting to do a cool residential project.  A cool, modern, non-traditional project with sustainable design and materials.  All within a budget of course (don’t want to price ourselves out of the neighborhood).

It’s about letting friends, family and neighbors follow the progress of our project.

It’s about showing other homeowners and enthusiasts the decisions we have to make with regard to sustainable vs.  economic vs. design friendly.

It’s about showing the City of St Louis that you can successfully blend modern design with the city’s traditional architecture without it looking like a card-board box (or space ship) attached to your house.


26 Responses to “About”

  1. christian Says:

    Hi ya.

    Please contact me at the above email? I’m on the TGS block captian Steering committee and wanted a private word.


  2. Laura West-Hennon Says:

    I am assisting in planning a St. Louis tour of green buildings, by Mo. Historical Society, for next November. Would you be interested in being a stop on tour (sorry, I’m not sure of your name)?

    Laura W.

  3. Adam Says:

    Did you see Living w/ Ed the other night? You can have your solar… with net metering coming to MO and leasing solar systems about to happen:

  4. Nate Says:

    How is your progress coming? I am a local builder/developer of green/prefab homes and I’d love to check out what you’re up to.


  5. Mary in U City Says:

    Is anyone aware of an organization or person who will give a talk on living sustainable lifestyle? I am trying to put together an interesting “basket” for an auction to feature books and products that will help. I thought an “event” might be an element to make the basket interesting. This could NOT be a sales pitch. But, un-biased product demos or recommendations would be ok. This may not pan out – but I thought I would ask.

  6. admin Says:


    Sorry, I do not know of any events off-hand. Especially during this time of year. If I find anything I’ll post it.


  7. Claudia Says:

    Did you happen to hear of any events…I’m very much interested in some training or courses where I can learn more about living green.

  8. Richelle Says:

    I write a new green rehabbing column for a local publication and would love to speak with you about your project. Please e-mail me privately. Thanks!

  9. D. Tillery Says:

    Greenroofer here. Large scale metalwork, art, furniture too. Great blog. I’m moving to St. Luois in July (my wife got a job there) and can’t wait to get involved in the green/art/metal scene.

  10. Kris Says:

    It will be interesting to see just how green we will be allowed to become. Homeowners associations and the like are very restrictive, but we must forge ahead somehow.

    Personally, I dream of sustainability here in suburbia.


  11. Looking for green building products in St. Louis? Check us out at


  12. Nathan Tone Says:


    Have you heard of Park(ing) Day 2008? It is a pretty cool event that I think fits in with the scheme of your blog. Check it out at, and shoot me an email if you have any questions.


  13. Tom Says:

    Wow looks like quite a project! Can you tell me if you sold your roofing tiles. I have a project in mind and those tiles would have been great. If you already sold them can you tell me if a reseller bought them. I am looking for a salvage operation that carries similar tiles. Good luck with your ongoing adventure.
    ps My email says tominchicago but I am no longer in Chicago and just moved to St Louis so it is a bit misleading.

  14. nick Says:

    Hey guys i have a sight to help go green in st louis. We help opt out of unsolicited newspaper delivery. Free service, let me know if you like it. Thanks, Nick

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  16. Tim Says:

    Great blog. You are brave. I just finished my kitchen rehab and want to use low/ zero VOC paint. Who carries it in town?

  17. Alex Says:

    Hi – the project looks fantastic. I had a few questions for you – could you send me a quick E-mail so we can connect?



  18. Pam Says:

    I visited your blog tonight. We are planning a remodel at our small home (convert garage into a large family room and possibly bump out kitchen and/or bedroom.) Our family has severe chemical sensitivities and allergies, and we must avoid any and all products that contain VOCs and formaldehyde especially. I’m not even sure if traditional drywall has formaldehyde in it. Do you know? We are beginning our search for a builder who uses these types of materials. If you know of a builder like that, could you please let me know?
    Pam in St. Louis county

  19. Hello,

    I’d like to send you a release/blog post for the St. Louis 350 event this Saturday, October 24. It will be the largest singly organized environmental movement in the world with 161 countries participating and St. Louis’s event will be one of the largest in the country. Please email me for more info; thanks!


  20. Solar steve Says:

    Looking for some article material –
    My company Infinergy wind and solar of Greater St.Louis does solar leasing and we make savings a reality. We eliminate the upfront costs and have a lease payment less than current utility costs. We try to save them 15%-20% annually and as the rates increase the savings increases. When you consider the national average is a 6% increase in the price of KWH. when that compounds over 10-15-20 years it adds up to big savings. With the lease you can fix a cost that will inevitably go up. so in the future when everyone else is paying 2030 prices you will still be paying 2010 prices


  21. chris Says:

    can i please have the website for the i-beam houses, it looks mod and looks like it can built faster and more cost effective.
    Kind regards

  22. terry Says:

    Are you still out there?

  23. Kelsey Says:

    Hi! I have a suggestion for a local blogger who would make a great guest contributor to your site. She writes about living in different areas of St. Louis and would love to write about the green housing initiative. Please contact me if interested in having her write a guest post.

  24. Matt Says:

    How is the Hardipanel panel wearing and did you paint it on all 6 sides?

  25. Anonymous Says:

    What happened to the blog? I’d like to see how your house turned out 🙂

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