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Starting to compost July 30, 2009

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In an attempt to further reduce our waste going to the landfill, I purchased a composting bin from Sam’s club. The quality of the product has left a little something to be desired, but what could i expect from Sam’s for $62?

I haven’t added any accelerators yet, but thought about picking up some worms to get the party started. Really hoping that when progress begins, I don’t have a smell or insect problem.  It’s bad enough w/ the giant bin next to my rain barrel, but you have to make sacrifices, that’s what I tell my wife.



2 Responses to “Starting to compost”

  1. Susan Budin Says:

    The rain barrel was not ugly orange, it was the color of terra cotta. If it was made of terra cotta it would be subject to breakage like the flower pots. But it was an indestructible recycled barrel. Paint your compost bin to match your rain barrel now.

  2. Bev Says:

    Those of us who live in St. Louis County got comparable compost bins for free last summer through a county program

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