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I heart Portland’s bicycle culture July 3, 2009

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While in Portland for the first time recently, I learned how infused biking is into their culture. It’s a phenomenon that any city would be envious of, especially when combined w/ their public transit system.

For our Portland bicycle education we went with Todd owner of Pedal Bike Tours just northwest of downtown.  He offers a range of tours from brewery and coffee cycle tours to old neighborhood and green tours.  We opted for the ‘historic hoods’ tour because we were interested in portland’s old neighborhoods.  We rode around for 3 hours and Todd explained each neighborhood and pointed out all of the unique bicycle friendly features.  Throughout the whole tour i was completely amazed by how friendly, tolerant, whatever you want to call it, that the drivers were.

If you follow biking or bicycle advocacy seriously, none of this is new to you. Portland actually obtained Platinum status last year from the League of American Cyclists last year for being the largest bike friendly metro in the U.S.

portland plat

Needless to say, they have alot of things going for them here that we can’t pull off in St Louis.  Nice weather, hippy culture, better mass transit to tie in w/ biking and nice weather.  Even with all of that, there are still things we can do in St Louis it make biking for common.  Just need to figure out what that is.

Thanks for the ideas Portland.


One Response to “I heart Portland’s bicycle culture”

  1. Joe Hoff Says:

    As a former St. Louisan who now lives in Corvallis, OR (a gold status on your list), I just wanted to comment that Portland has nice weather from June to October but most of the rest of the year it rains much of each month. The reason biking is so prevalent during the rainy weather is the strong environmentalist movement in Oregon in general. Environmentalism is almost a religion in Oregon. Biking is therefore seen as a true mode of transportation. I also lived in Minneapolis which has a strong biking culture as well – even with their long winters. Biking culture can grow anywhere but like anything it takes time to cultivate. Having recently visited St. Louis I applaud the bike paths, bike lanes and trailways I didn’t see 20 years ago. I also applaud Bicycle Works in the Shaw neighborhod where I grew up.
    St. Louis is poised to further develop its bike culture. Keep it growing!

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