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barn door project with left-over siding May 4, 2009

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Our bedroom has a huge opening which looks out through sliding glass doors at our upstairs patio and onto the backyard.  This also means that the neighbors behind us can see into our bedroom

The opening also lets a ton of light in in the morning and this is annoying to us who need it dark to sleep.  None of this was a surprise and a barn door was always in the plans.

What the barn door would be made of was always a question.  We talked about colored MDF or Maple FSC plywood.  Both nice options, but we were budget conscious and a little concerned about introducing another wood species which might clash with our white oak floors.

The idea came to me as i walked around the house trying to organize the piles of excess building materials.  One pile consisted of left-over siding from our rain-screen.  Another was a pile of rigid insulation.   And obviously, i have a lot of 2×4’s left-over.

So with all of this, i made a frame w/ the 2×4’s, stuck the rigid insulation inside and sandwiched it with the left-over James Hardie cement board lap siding.  (see below and don’t mind messy bed)

barn door

The door is pretty heavy because of the cement board, but rolls really easily with the barn door hardware from Hardware and

We totally love the door and the ability to open the bedroom to bright sunlight or close it off for a nice, dark cave.


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  4. Hi,
    Amazing! Your door looks great. I checked out the hardware website you mentioned, but am confused about what parts I’d need to hang a barn door. Can you provide of list of the hardware items you used.
    Thanks so much!

  5. We found our barn door hardware for a door at Becker’s Farm and Industrial Supplies in Cahokia IL. They were very friendly and the price was very reasonable and the drive was really easy. You can see our Sliding Barn/Warehouse/Loft Door in action at our St. Louis Coworking space, Pink Asterisk.

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