Attempting to Live a Sustainable Lifestyle in St. Louis

Environmentally friendly decisions are tough

holy smartcars batman!!!! here in st louis? really? March 4, 2009

Filed under: Live Green 2.0 — budint @ 12:06 am

smart car

Was driving to the library on Saturday (cause it was way to cold to walk and hadn’t started the car in 3 weeks) when I saw with amazement a brand new smart car parked on the side.  I did a double take and went back around the block (one way street) to take a pic.

It was in fact a smartcar, as confirmed by checking their website, which shows all three of their completely identical models. Presumably purchased from the St Louis dealership, though I didn’t know there was a St Louis dealership til now.  And upon searching I found this comment on NY Times blog where this guy has apparently been a SmartCar wholesaler in St Louis for the past 2 years.  (you can be a SmartCar wholesaler? wonder how that’s working in this economy)

Now maybe its because I don’t get out on the road much, but you’d think with going to Earth Day, green home conventions, green open houses and living in a fairly progressive part of town I would have seen this sooner.    Just happy to see that even in St Louis where gas is about as cheap as it gets, folks are willing to think outside the box.


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