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Insulation is what saves you money, plain and simple September 30, 2008

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Insulators came in last Thursday, worked for one day and were gone.  What they left will hopefully save me hundreds of dollars every year.

On most of the walls, it is a sprayed cellulose made of recycled newspaper treated w/ a mold inhibitor and fire retardant.  The application process was actually pretty cool.  One guy sprayed, while the other guy trimmed off the excess and vacuumed through a long hose which went back out to the truck and reprocessed the material to be sprayed again.

On the ceilings and some concrete walls it was a batt insulation. R38 on the ceilings to be exact.  The cellulose stuff doesn’t stick on the ceilings, which is why the batt.  I was at first concerned that batt was so old school and not cutting edge, but this stuff was really thick and very affordable.  It’s like laying a super thick comforter over you in the winter (and summer, I suppose).   Knauf was the brand of batt and I’m not sure who makes the cellulose stuff.   Just happy it’s done.


One Response to “Insulation is what saves you money, plain and simple”

  1. Joe Says:

    Hi Todd,
    Been a while since I checked in. Hopefully things are going better. Sorry to hear about your copper.
    I have a question for you. Who did your insulation? Sounds (and looks) like they do good work.

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