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Birthdays, rainbarrels, PEX, ERVs. Where do i start?? September 18, 2008

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My birthday is on Friday.  My 2nd birthday while on this project actually, so hoping to not have a 3rd.  I did get a fun gift from my parents which doesn’t make up for a delayed project but does make you forget for a couple minutes.   The gift was a rain barrel. Yes, this big ugly pickle barrel looking thing that I need to somehow incorporate into the facade, but it will save fresh water for my kids.

And over at the house, some things have been happening.  The PEX was completely installed and terminated into the manifold. But there’s a hitch.  The plumbers weren’t all that familiar with PEX and in order to make the install work more easily they 90’d every line into the manifold. (see pic)

Is this the end of the world? probably not.  Will it have some effect on how quickly the water gets to the faucet?? Probably won’t even notice.    It’s unfortunate though, cause there is now a 3rd possible leak point where before I had only 2.

Next we have that ERV that I’ve lugged around for so long, installed. This device should provide us with clean/fresh from outside at all times while not losing energy through introducing opposite temperatures from the indoors.

Lastly, we have our siding and more excitingly our rain-screen installed. You can see the rain-screen on the left hand side.  The underlayer is Vapro-shield and the siding is hardi plank.  To the left we have hardi panels applied directly to the substrate and separated by Tamlyn guide tracks.  These help provide this look and also allow for a place to do some back caulking.  Around the back doors we chose a red version of the hardi panel.

They’ll finish up the siding this week and start the insulation on the inside next week.  Maybe I’ll grab the hose and run a test on the rain-screen before the insulation/dry-wall goes up.


4 Responses to “Birthdays, rainbarrels, PEX, ERVs. Where do i start??”

  1. sje Says:

    The style of rain barrel you have might present you with a few isues. The overflow port might not be large enough and the location of the drain port might not be low enough to allow nearly all the water to exit the tank. Conversion kits are availabe at – I’d suggest you look at the kit for ‘open top barrels’ and retro fit yours so it will function better 🙂

  2. […] native plants, plus try to reuse any rock, brick or wood that we can.  The idea would be to use my rain barrel to collect water from the gutter and have that be the only source of watering the backyard.   Still […]

  3. Stan Says:

    Hi there,

    I was very interested in your choice of siding. I love the look of the Hardi Plank and would love to replicate it with my construction project. Can tell me what was the exacti product you used from Tamyln? I was on their site: and could’nt figure out which product you used. I would greatly appreciate if you could identify the exact product which you used to achieve your look. Thank you!

  4. Eric Says:

    Hi There,
    I love what you did with the rain screen and using Hardi plank siding. I’m doing a renovation and will be using Hardi Plank as well. Can I ask what color of Hardi plank did you use?

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