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Some Updates on the house September 3, 2008

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Electric: rough-in is almost complete and things are looking pretty good. Last week I bought 42 air tight canned lights (ouch on cost) and they’re all in place.  I have mixed feelings about canned lighting. Part of me says, easy to install, clean look, relatively inexpensive.

The other side says boring, wasteful since you require more lights because their effective range is limited and energy inefficient if you need these additional bulbs. In any case they’re in and I’m happy for that, plus they’re air tight which means that heated air can’t leak into the floor space.

Another small item is the wall heater in the master bathroom.  You might think this is a luxury, but it’s actually a great way to place heat in a very small location where you need it the most in the winter.  With this in place, we’ll be able to keep the house relatively cool, but not feel the arctic chill when coming out of the shower (which is my biggest annoyance.)

Other energy saving electric features come later.

Plumbing: rough-in is almost complete as you can see by the maze of PEX plumbing in the basement.  We already know that PEX is fabulous because it delivers water to the faucet more quickly (thus not having to waste water while waiting for it to heat), but combined w/ our home design of having all facilities on one side, we should be able to even more quickly get the hot water when we want it.

Speaking of hotwater, the tankless hotwater heater is also going in.  We ended up going w/ a Takagi TK-3 because of the great reviews online and because if you need to expand your capacity in the future, these units can be daisy chained together.  Its a gas unit because of the crazy, crazy requirement for electric tankless products (I basically would’ve needed a small nuke power plant in my basement to produce the electricity).  I’ll take some pics of all of this completed tomorrow.

More updates provided as they happen.


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