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Pleasantly surprised by green edition of airline mag August 7, 2008

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I don’t have much of a commute which lowers my carbon footprint, but I do have to fly now and then for which which (per Al Gore’s carbon footprint calculator) actually negates all of my low commute carbon savings. So as I’m sitting on my (apparently environmentally unfriendly) American Airlines flight last week, i happen to open the seat back pocket and pull out their magazine. Much to my surprise, it was a special issue on Sustainability/Green.

I didn’t actually read it right away. Maybe cause i knew it would have hybrids, wind turbines and solar panels headlining all of the articles, so I didn’t even bother. At the end of the flight however, when they make you put away your laptop 25 minutes before landing (stupid by the way) I cracked open the American Way magazine and starting flipping thru the articles. What amazed me the most was this article about green roofs, the level of detail the author went into and at the end a section called “If you want to build your own green roof.”

All of this in an airline magazine. And I don’t mean to degrade the content in airline magazines, but it’s usually stuff that’s been regurgitated over and over again in real magazines. Or it’s on the level of some actor talking about their latest smash hit.  So big props to American Airlines and I’ll definitely not pre-judge all airline mags these days, without perusing some articles first.

By the way, also flew USAirways on the same trip and another recent trip and they’re falling apart.  Poorly maintained aircraft; all my flights were late and now water on-board is $2.  Just thought i’d throw that out there.


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  1. D. Tillery Says:

    Chech these out. I have used them with Corten enclosures. They are great.

    • Mark Says:

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