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Windows are half way in July 20, 2008

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So I’m a believer in small victories and getting half of the windows set last week was definitely one of those. Especially since the day they arrived, they weren’t yet ready to be installed 😦 There’s always that fear of things disappearing, like what happened with some of our steel and some other random items.

The do look really cool though, especially with the black aluminum clad finish we went with. I love how the design has the windows oriented up and down, so the place feels alot bigger (or taller at least).

We went with the Kolbe Ultra-series line because that’s what Sage highly recommended. They were a bit pricey, but the windows are supposedly top quality (cheap windows are bad news) and very energy efficient. They use all of the high-tech glass coatings, gases and spacers, so assuming my place is insulated correctly, the addition of these will make a nice difference. Looking in those insulative window blinds as well.

Kolbe as a company is also supposed to be very green in its practices and they’ll certainly give you a bunch of information on how their products will help make your home LEED certified.

Looking fwd to the remaining windows going in this week, plus we just received our shower base for the master bath. What are the sustainable options for a showerbase??


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