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Reusing for Art July 14, 2008

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Remember… reducing is best. Because then it never gets made, packaged, shipped and finally sent off to a landfill.

Reusing is the 2nd best, cause you’re still skipping the landfill step and potentially delaying the production step (if you were going to end up buying whatever it was).

Recycling is the 3rd best, cause you’re skipping the landfill, but using energy to create a new life for the material.

Then there’s Reusing for Art, which I think falls somewhere between re-using and recycling.   At the Tower Grove farmer’s market this weekend volunteers were handing out information and requesting lamps for an upcoming installation put on by the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts.  Here the objective is to reuse old lamps or light fixtures for a project where they’ll be installing these in the old church on spring street that was nearly destroyed in a fire some years ago (see brochure below).

I’m kind of excited because we have a fair number of ugly light fixtures we pulled out of our rehab which I’ve been hanging onto for a 2nd home. My assumption is that I’d somehow work them into a project or if all else failed, donate them to the ReStore.  So this is a slightly different way to give my junk a 2nd life and I look forward to seeing the installation when it’s completed.

If you have any lamps or light fixtures, please bring them to the TowerGrove farmer’s market next Saturday, July 19th or at least this is what the volunteer told me.


One Response to “Reusing for Art”

  1. Sydney Says:

    Hi! I have recently started to create art by reusing old wood framed windows. I love it! I paint directly on the window as if it were a canvas.

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