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Hit the jackpot. (at least in my world) July 10, 2008

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Of course I’ve heard about how the city offers free mulch to the residents at a couple specific locations. But did I really think there’d be mulch there?  Why would there?  It’s folklore, like going to the end of the rainbow for the pot of gold.    Well this last weekend I found my pot of gold, and it was in Carondelet park and boy was it nice.

For those in the St Louis area, Carondelet park is in South City and can be reached by going South on Grand.  The mulch is near the recycling bins and you really can’t miss the pile (see pic below).

Will I ever buy mulch from Home Depot again?? Probably once in a blue moon when i need just a bag or two and don’t feel like dirtying up the car. Cause as you can see, loading up the Hyundai with mulch is certainly a commitment.  You really have to want a lot of mulch and be willing to spend another 20-30 minutes cleaning out the car.  Once again, I’m appreciative of having such a versatile car that I don’t care about getting dirty, it’s like a mini-truck.

Aside from saving money, one of my favorite savings from this finding is not having to throw away all of these plastic bags from the mulch.   Thanks goodness.


One Response to “Hit the jackpot. (at least in my world)”

  1. high5apparatus Says:

    There’s still a fairly large pile of city mulch at McDonald Park. They drop off a load of compost and mulch every year. Could save you the drive.

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