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On-site with architect Paul Brenden July 1, 2008

Since we haven’t done a video w/ Paul since October, thought it would be a good time to catch up regarding our project to date. I asked Paul to come to the job site to describe the process, the design and give us an overview of things to date.

This definitely isn’t an action thriller and Paul’s professional comic skills are lacking, but for those truly interested in large scale rehabs with good design, there are alot of good lessons to be learned from Paul and our project.

Started on 2nd Floor

Worked our way to the 1st Floor

When we start doing some of the real fun stuff (tankless, rain-screen install, polished concrete, etc) we’ll shoot some additional videos.


One Response to “On-site with architect Paul Brenden”

  1. Sean Says:


    I’d appreciate if you can give me some feedback on our site:

    I realize that you are home decor-Modern design connoisseur 🙂 I’d like to hear your opinion/feedback on our products. Also, it’d be swell if you can place our link on your blog.

    Thank you,


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