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Sage has a lot going on June 12, 2008

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Doing a little reading of the Internet today and found out a bunch of info which I didn’t know.  This actually happens every time I read the Internet and is my main reason for doing so.

In this session of surfing, I uncovered that Sage is the builder on the new Art House project in Grandel Square.  I saw some of the post cards about these places in February while passing through GoodWorks Furniture on Wash Ave (perfect place to advertise for this, btw).   I swear that when I first saw and read about these places, I didn’t see Sage’s name, but guess I read to quickly.  Anyhow, hoping to get a sneak preview when they start going up.   I absolutely think these places look awesome and am SOOOOO excited that they’re being done in St Louis. Was actually hoping Eco-Urban would turn to this type of design.

Another new insight was the Sage Homebuilders blog. Who knew?   Anyhow should be a good place to follow what Sage is up to.

Also, after reading this article about the Sage duplexes up the street from my project, it reminded me that i need to check w/ them about what level of green rating we can get from the Home Builders Association.  I’m guessing Silver or Gold should be possible.

So this wraps up what i learned from the Internet today, but exciting stuff i must say.


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