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Greening the Heartland Conference coming to St Louis June 8, 2008

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I was totally surprised the other day when i found out that the Greening the Heartland Green building and Sustainability conference was going to be in St Louis this year on June 22-24.  Had I known earlier, I would’ve considered taking Mon-Tues off to check out some of the speakers or trying to sneak into some of the break-out sessions.  Just a few of the more interesting sessions are Renovating at Existing LEED Platinum, Green Communities Design Approaches, Sustainable Landscape Standards, though almost all look intriguing.

With this year’s conference being held in St Louis, I truly hope our government, educational institutions, corporations and builders really do take this stuff seriously.

There’s also a Greening 2008 blog if you want to follow some commentary before the conference.  I was reading it this morning and uncovered a link to the Great Rivers Greenway District site and the current projects underway.   Looking at the map of projects is pretty impressive and hopefully the progress continues with more and more greenspace in the metro.  As I’ve heard other people suggest, St Louis is a great place for green space development within the city because of our excess land and vacant neighborhoods.


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  1. Antonio Says:

    Recycle your soda cans, beer cans, plastics, paper etc .find a local reyccle center for these things if your apartment building does not offer it.Replace light bulbs with the low emission kind available at local home improvement stores .they kinda remind you of a bunch of tubes bent in a U shape.They cost a little more, but save on electricity, therefore helping you save money on your bill too.Use environmentally friendly cleaners instead of the typical ones you get at the dollar store. Ask the grocery store where you can find these Clorox makes one . green something or other Ensure your apartment maintenance dept. change out the air filters in your apartment regularly. Once a month is best. Stay on top of it! Purchase a HEPA filter type vacuum cleaner and keep clean filters in it when you clean.

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