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Framing started May 16, 2008

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Framing started this week, however they’ve only been able to work 1.5 days thus far because of all of the rain. Yes, the rain is still an issue and since this has been the wettest start of a year on record in st Louis, we’ve been paying the price (literally).

Once this place gets under roof, we’ll no longer be prisoners to the elements and I’m sure at the same time the rain will stop.   As you can see below we’re doing 2×6 construction which will allow us thicker walls for more insulation.   And the construction is occurring around the steel frame which will keep us safe from St Louis’ recent rash of earthquakes.

Hoping things pick up next week and we’ll be able to see some of the finer details, e.g. recyclable chute, chimney effect design and more.


One Response to “Framing started”

  1. D. Tillery Says:

    I have been enjoying your blog for awhile now. I’m a big green fan moving to STL from Providence in a few weeks.

    I have to ask why you are not framing with steel 2×4’s? They are very easy to work with and don’t waste trees for an item that could be no less boring, the 2×4. I toured the mall re-construction on Old North STL a few weeks back and asked them the same question. They are wasting wood on a huge scale there but had no good answer. Save wood for cool projects, not something as mundane as framing.

    Could you guess I work in metal?

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