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Radiant is in May 6, 2008

Filed under: Green Rehab — budint @ 2:53 am

Radiant flooring was installed today before the slab is poured tomorrow. The installation of this system is very important to get the expected performance. The wire needs to be attached to the steel reinforcement mesh, which should be just 1-1.5″ below the surface of the pour, in order for the heat to easily radiate up. Additionally, you might see the reflective insulation below the radiant wire which should keep the heat from going down into the ground.

We’re really looking forward to enjoying the warm cement in the winter and enjoy not having to run our furnace at a very high temperature.

Forgot to mention, the technical folks at were great. They can offer so much more info about installation than the site can and they’re willing to spend time answering questions and talking with you. I would highly recommend talking to someone from there before and after you bought your radiant cable.


2 Responses to “Radiant is in”

  1. Amy in StL Says:

    My uncle built his house in the 1940’s and put in hotwater radiant heat under the floor. I love his house in the winter because the floors always feel nice!

  2. noneconomic Says:

    Noneconomic says : I absolutely agree with this !

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