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And up goes the steel March 13, 2008

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Finally now that the moons have aligned and the steel workers have returned from Spring Break (only joking), the steel is finally being erected. This steel (of which I understand is ~95% post-consumer) will act as the skeleton to hold our addition in place. Additionally, it is allowing us to span some wide distances on the inside of the house, without having to use a 2ft wide wood beam, which one would’ve had to nearly duck under.

Steel getting put up

So that’s the good news. Now the bad news is that they can’t complete the steel work because some *ssholes stole some of the steel. Luckily, these were smaller pieces that I’m told won’t prevent us from pouring the concrete, but in any case, it’s likely a bit of a delay to get the pieces re-fabbed and have the erectors come back out.

Hope they can cover my house in the meantime, so that rain and pigeons don’t make their way in.


2 Responses to “And up goes the steel”

  1. Glad to see progress being made. Why would anybody take the steel?


  2. Nat Says:

    Do you still have those clay tiles? I could use some of them to repair my roof. I live in the Central West End. How much are you asking for them?

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