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Trip to Atlanta Yields some interesting conservation requirements March 12, 2008

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Went to Atlanta a week or two ago for leisure and noticed some interesting acts of conservation which made me think “why don’t we do this in St Louis?”  Of course Georgia’s in a drought and we’re not, but who knows, one day we could be.

Firstly, I went in at least a half dozen restrooms where I saw Falcon Water Free urinals.   These were in newer and older places, so thought that was interesting.  Supposedly they save 40,000 gallons of fresh water per year and that’s pretty sweet.

The next thing I noticed was the great deal of fountains or other non-essential aqua-displays which had been turned off.  This really gave me the sense of how serious their drought was.

Water turned off

Another interesting phenomena i noticed were the variations of hand-dryers; with the most interesting being the Xlerator hand dryer at Ikea.  This easily beat out the Mitsubishi model at another place.

And finally, there were some neatly designed sky-rises; which are actually popping up everywhere cause Atlanta doesn’t appear to have a good urban plan.  (E.g. Developers putting buildings wherever they please)  Here’s one in particular:

atl skyrise


One Response to “Trip to Atlanta Yields some interesting conservation requirements”

  1. Amy in StL Says:

    Actually the midwest has been in a drought for years. However, our water supply comes in part from the largest rivers on the Continent. Somehow, I don’t think we’ll have to worry about conserving water any time soon.

    That’s not to say, we shouldn’t be concerned.

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