Attempting to Live a Sustainable Lifestyle in St. Louis

Environmentally friendly decisions are tough

Returning to the scene February 11, 2008

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This is the first post I’ve written in about a month. Not really sure why I took a break. Possibly to enjoy the work of others (bloggers, magazine articles, books) or maybe because I was unmotivated by the lack of progress on my green rehab. Either way, I’m planning on picking back up.

Couple Eco Product Reviews:

1. Eco Select Dryer Sheets – My wife picked these up from Target. They’re labeled as 100% biodegradable, perfume and dye free. And made w/ a vegetable derived softening agent. The price was reasonable, but the product doesn’t perform the best. I assume that dryer sheets include anti-static benefits, but these do not.

2.  Greenworks – The new non-toxic household cleaner from Clorox seems to live up to the hype. This is billed as an alternative to the chemical household cleaners which 99% of us buy.  The key ingredients are coconut, corn and lemon based.  I’ve used it twice and have been satisfied.

Greenworks and Dryer Sheets

Lastly, I want to mention a couple sites I’ve taken to reading.

1.  Very need blog which details an attempt at building a $100k sustainable and energy efficient home. They’re even tossing around the idea of getting it LEED certified.

2.   Materialicious – I love this site for the latest in architect projects. Where do they find these examples?


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