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The Energy Monitor Does not Lie January 1, 2008

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My first week w/ the Kill a watt Energy monitor (which I got for Christmas) has been very educational.  Some appliances which I had assumed sucked more energy were actually pretty efficient.  Here’s what I’ve discovered so far:

1. My Dell laptop and external LCD monitor uses 58 watts per hour. (0-1 watt is used when the system is off)

2. Wife’s older Dell laptop uses 62 watts per hour. (0-1 watt is used when the system is off)

3. Our crappy 19″ TV uses 118 watts per hour. (2-3 watts when the TV is off).

3. Samsung DVD player uses 2-3 when off. (haven’t tested w/ it on yet).

4. Crappy Target 3-way lamp uses 60, 118 and 150 watts.

5. The worst offender so far has been the refrigerator which came w/ this loft.  This is not a surprise as I hear the thing running all of the time and landlords have no incentive to put a more expensive energy efficient appliance in these places.   I ran the monitor for 24hrs and the average came out to .75kwh which translates to 18kwh per day or 6,500kwh per year if this usage held true through the entire year.   This is 10 times more energy that say a new GE side by side frig which is Energy Star and rated at 611kwh per year.               And we don’t have the frig set at a very cold setting.

6. Black and Decker coffee maker when not brewing uses no energy.

7. My Motorola cellphone takes 5 watts per hour to charge and 1 watt once it’s charged.

So far there’s not much to be changed in our lifestyle w/ this new data. I’ll potentially look at the fridge and see if there’s a way to keep it from running so much and not turn the 3-way light all the way to the 3rd level, but that’s about it.


One Response to “The Energy Monitor Does not Lie”

  1. Matt Says:

    One thing I do is put the TV and DVD player on a power strip and kill the power when you’re not using it – no use in wasting those watts!

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