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3 more Great Green Gifts December 28, 2007

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To my surprise more green gifts (beyond the first which I shared) came my way for Christmas. In order from least to most impressive:

Green Gifts

1. Bio-degradable Pooch Pick-Up doggie poop bags. These bags are made with corn starch and are a great alternative to the everyday plastic bags which we’ve become so reliant upon.

2. The Killawatt energy monitor. This gift came from my little brother and last night I already put it to use by monitoring how much energy my wife’s laptop uses (60watts it turns out). This is a great little tool for really understanding what household appliances suck up the most energy. BTW, my laptop and 17″ LCD monitor use 58 watts combined.
3. The last and coolest gift was a 1yr adoption of a Bactrian Camel from the St Louis Zoo. I love camels so this was a very neat surprise to be a Zoo Parent. Apparently there is an annual Zoo Parent’s picnic which we can attend and hopefully my camel can attend as well.


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