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3 Great Low Carbon Impact gifts so far December 24, 2007

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Some of the beef I have w/ Christmas (besides forgetting the real reason for the holiday) is the potential for useless gifts and all of the wasteful packaging that accompanies them.  Which is why when I get a gift that has no carbon footprint or actually has a positive environmental impact, I’m quite excited.  The 3 gifts I’ve received so far that fall into this category are:

1. A donation to the Million Trees LA Fund, which also included an organic t-shirt and the card was printed on paper with embedded seeds which can be also be planted.

2.  A donation to the microloans program, which allows us to choose which entrepreneur we’d like our loan to go to.  This program is the one which Bill Clinton is a big supporter of.

3.  The last and least exciting is the iTunes e-gift card. Millions of these are probably sold, but think about zero carbon impact. No card cause it is delivered via email. Then you have the electronic delivery of whatever is on iTunes. No cd’s, dvd’s, plastic cases, shipping materials, wrapping paper, etc.

We’ll see what else Santa brings and if it’s green I’ll share.


2 Responses to “3 Great Low Carbon Impact gifts so far”

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  2. well done to the folks who chose so well – love the tree and the kiva suggestion but [maybe it’s the irish in me] really do prefer the ‘old’ christmas card – or a call to say we gave the money to a charity instead of getting you a card! As long as the card is recycled after…

    great article!

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