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The RFT telling us what we already knew, Tower Grove is the Best Neighborhood November 11, 2007

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 The RiverFront Times is St Louis’ cultural, counter-culture newspaper.  It’s the place to find out about restaurants, bars, concerts, music venues, movie reviews, cd reviews, tattoo parlors, festivals, etc. etc. Not to mention a lot of very edgy editorial writing.

Anyhow, the paper does a ‘best of’ issue every year which is pretty popular in the city and a must read in our family. Many restaurants and bars win year after year; others get complacent and fall out of the rankings. The RFT also judges sports and recreation, goods and services, arts and entertainment and more.   This year in the “Best Place to Live” category, our neighborhood of TowerGrove Park was voted #1.

This is good and bad. Good cause it reassures us that we made the right decision in moving back to the TowerGrove Park neighborhood, but bad, cause now more and more folks will move there.  We don’t want it becoming the SOHO of St Louis.

Here’s an excerpt from the description of the 2007 “Best Place to Live” winner:

“The neighborhoods that surround Tower Grove Park — Tower Grove South, Tower Grove East, Tower Grove Heights, Shaw — comprise a microcosm of St. Louis. Here bespectacled hipsters coexist with old-school south siders, tattooed urban cyclists, transplanted Wash. U. scientists, twenty-year brewery men, young families, all making a go of it. The streets are alive with dog-walking, bike-riding, stroller-pushing St. Louisans. No boundaries around sexual orientation, skin color or country of origin. A brief rundown of South Grand Boulevard eateries reflects it clearly: Meskerem (Ethiopian), Café Natasha’s Kabob (Persian), Sameem (Afghan), Pho Grand (Vietnamese), King & I (Thai)….”

Anyhow, if you haven’t seen this year’s “Best of” issue, check it out. Lots of new winners in many categories and always great writing.

Thanks for recognizing our neighborhood RFT.


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