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Green excavation, not always achievable November 4, 2007

Filed under: Green Rehab — budint @ 3:38 pm

Further excavation occurred last week as you can see by the pics on the right. I was curious to see how Sage would approach excavating and what approaches they could use to make it green. Would they use 12 guys w/ shovels or biodiesel earth moving equipment? The answer is ‘No’, but what they normally try to do is remove and move only the necessary earth which is required for the job. This is contrary to most developers who will slash and burn large swaths of land, destroying all the trees and shrubbery, to make it easier on themselves.

In our situation, Sage could’ve tried to dig the footings only where the concrete would be poured, but since the lot is only 30ft wide and our addition will take up nearly all of that space, a sustainable excavation was not feasible. Only a few pillars of dirt would’ve been left standing and they likely would’ve fallen over, causing us to bring back the backhoe.

Some dirt is being saved to fill all of our planters though. And since we have large permanent planters this is a considerable amount. (obviously not even close to the amt of dirt removed, but still some reuse occurring.)

We found an old horseshoe and a milk bottle when digging. Hoping the horseshoe is good luck.  The milk bottle is from the St Louis Dairy company.  Maybe I can sell it on Ebay and to pay for my ERV or radiant flooring.


One Response to “Green excavation, not always achievable”

  1. Matthew Says:

    i can dig. wish i could be a homeowner

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