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Bagging the plastic habit October 30, 2007

What does one do when their Sustainable/Green rehab has seen little to zero progress? They buy stuff to pass the time.

Introduce… envirosax, the environmentally friendly, eco-friendly (and might I add, well designed) reusable grocery bag. The snapping point came when we kept forgetting to take our old plastic bags and I knew that I needed more skin in the game. You see, I’m more inclined to use something if I paid for it. Plus we have this HUGE pile of plastic bags under our cabinet and that can’t be good for the environment.

So, when the WSJ ran an article on 5 reusable shopping bags, I knew we needed to catch up. After reading thru the 5 bags which ranged from $7.99-$39.99 each, I settled on the envirosax. See below from WSJ:

(Best Value)
$7.95; standard shipping adds $5

The good: Featherweight, 17-inch high, 19-inch wide polyester bag comes in lots of stylish patterns and rolls up sleeping-bag style into a 4ì-by-2ì-inch bundle. Its over-the-shoulder handle may appeal to city-dwellers who walk with groceries.

The bad: It must be washed by hand. Rolling up the bag took more doing than our Best Overall choice.

Something WSJ forgot to add was that these bags come in a good number of designs AND if you buy in a pack of 5 bags (a number most shoppers would need) it’s $1 off per bag, so $35 for 5 designers bags. We went w/ the retro graphics series.

The great thing is that these 5 bags come in their own pouch and are easily compressed to a manageable size which can be kept in your glove compartment (so that you don’t forget). See the pic of the small grey bag and how small it is rolled up.


Will let you know how it works out and if a bag can hold 24 beers or not.


One Response to “Bagging the plastic habit”

  1. Amy in StL Says:

    It reminds me of these bags:

    They’re knit out of plastic grocery bags. I’ve been saving bags to try making one of these. I’m thinking I should not make it from the photodegradable bags that are so popular nowadays, though.

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