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I broke down and bought the Energy Recovery Ventilator October 11, 2007

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 So I’ve been up in the air about this ERV (ventilator) for a while now.  In our current apartment I’m reminded daily about how much I hate the smells of last night’s dinner still floating through the air for days when the windows are sealed shut.

So, when the HVAC guy said that we would be under budget by $1k, I thought “ooh, let’s buy the ERV with that money and have him install it while he’s doing the other work.”  So no longer than it took me to get home, I jumped online and bought the Renewaire Breeze BR-70 from for $600.   They say it ships from Canada, so hope that happens soon because I know the HVAC guys have lots of time on their hands with this mild weather we just got.

In the end, I think I’ve made a smart decision about getting this ventilator.  I really do look forward to fresh air in my air tight house (you know what I mean).

As a side note, these guys are also installing my radiant heat flooring, so I’m hoping that they’re rock solid.


2 Responses to “I broke down and bought the Energy Recovery Ventilator”

  1. Amy in StL Says:

    I always wondered why new homes don’t have exhaust fans over the stove that vent to the outside like 1950’s era homes had. I guess it’s not energy efficient – but it’s really the only way to get cooking smells/smoke out of the house.

  2. […] issues on the project.  The water collected up so much in the basement that it had gotten into the ERV which i had been storing down there while waiting for install for […]

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