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Environmentally friendly decisions are tough

St Louis in the cool crowd (among college grads at least) October 4, 2007

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This post isn’t about green, sustainability, recycling or construction. It’s about being cool. I’ve been preaching this fact for years to my friends (and no, I’m not originally from St Louis)

Summary: The Wall Street Journal is doing a series on cities which are popular among 20 somethings out of college (20-34 to be specific). Each week the journal highlights a different city. St Louis hasn’t been highlighted yet, but it IS on the list (see map) of popular cities. And I guarantee you that it’s one of the most affordable.


Thanks for reporting on this WSJ. Even though I’m still pissed about getting my paper delivered on average only 80% of the time.


One Response to “St Louis in the cool crowd (among college grads at least)”

  1. Yes STL is on the map, but it looks like Missouri isn’t doing so well. Got a link to this?

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