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Xeriscaping… Is that what we’re doing? September 18, 2007

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So we’re starting this landscaping project and of course we wanna go all out with the sustainable, environmentally-friendly, zero resource impact planning.  And I’d like to save on the lawnmower, gas and my effort too.

We haven’t hammered out all of the details, but i’ve been doing some research and I think we want to do an xeriscape (though not sure how to pronounce it).  An xeriscape is landscaping in ways which do not require supplemental irrigation. They also have a nice symbol. How many landscaping movements have their own symbols?


If you need a solid argument for turning your yard into a xeriscape, check out the mesa, Arizona city website.  They have ten reasons why to scrap the grass and go xeros.   Of course in Arizona they REALLY need this type of conservation while here in St Louis we sit on a nice reservoir.  Still, I’m undeterred by our unlimited access to water because I know it will not last forever (and did I mention no mower, mowing or gas?)

Finally, to get myself started on some plants which don’t require extra watering (aka drought resistant) I’ve been visiting the Grow Native website for the plants which they say are local to the area. This usually means that they’ve survived for years without watering, so they’ll survive without me watering.   The site seems to have some great resources; hoping to find plants that work well for us; attractive, yet hardy.

Off to take a ride in my Xeriscape, not to be confused with the Nissan Xterra, which I don’t own.


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