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Cars that run on grease and hay insulation September 13, 2007

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 Late to the Green Party on our block.

Our soon to be neighbor across the street has this old Mercedes (see below) that she has converted to run on grease. She picks up the grease from the Asian restaurants nearby, strains it in her backyard and fills her car up.

Grease Benzchicken cartoon

On a similar note she has chickens in her backyard. No these aren’t rubber chickens she uses for jokes, these are the real feathery kind. Apparently she uses them for eggs, or I suppose for organic gardening as well (chicken poop = nitrogen for plants).  Anyhow, I’m not ready to take my sustainable commitment to the next level with livestock in my back yard, so maybe i’ll never been the greenest guy on the block.
Speaking of chickens and livestock, I wanted to take a moment to highlight the original insulation from our 1920’s bungalow. No, it’s not the pink panther, though I do wonder how Owens Corning got that character for their mascot, and do they still pay royalties?   What we have/had as our insulation is hay; plain old straw hay.     Hay Insulation
It was stuffed in the ceiling in bags and bags. It also appeared that there was some kind of chemical coating (possibly fire retardant)  which was applied to the bags. Or it just could’ve been a layer of harsh dust.  As you can imagine, after 90yrs this stuff is pretty dry, and I was certainly a bit nervous as my Marlboro smoking demolition guys took their smoke breaks. They got specific instructions to not smoke near the straw.   And now that the last straw hay bag is out, I can sleep soundly knowing my place won’t as easily go up in smoke. And why wallet will sleep soundly when my energy bills are reduced by improved insulation.


56 Responses to “Cars that run on grease and hay insulation”

  1. chocmoon Says:

    I’m assuming you don’t live in the city since there’s probably an ordinance against
    chickens in the yard, right?

    Aren’t old houses great? If only they made walk-in closets back then…

  2. budint Says:

    I actually do live in the city and not the outer part of the city. I think the chickens just keep quiet and no one complains.


  3. Me Says:

    i love chickens

  4. Chicken McChicken Says:

    i love chickens too!!! their cool!

  5. STeel Says:

    There is an ordinance regulating livestock in private property in the city. Chickens and are allowed but the number is regulated. I believe you can only have three and they must have a coop. This was information I found out when I toured the New Roots Urban Garden (just North of dowtown).
    Also, straw and hay are two different plants. Hay wont work as insulation, so I am sure what you have is straw. Curiously I have not heard of any homes in the area being insulated with straw. Looks like one of the former owners was and eco-warrior long before his/her time.

  6. kjaxdf Says:

    hey this is stupid

  7. blah Says:

    i dont like chickens

  8. lisa Says:

    i love chickens to they are aswum and funny! 🙂 hehehe so dose jayde

  9. CHACHII Says:

    i have a lot of chickens. probly too many. 14 all are pets but some of them arent that much.yah…

  10. Anonymous Says:

    this chicken stinks

    • Zako Says:

      My parents live down the sertet from this lovely home. What’s so amazing is it’s inside the city, but there is enough green space around to give it this pastoral feel. It’s right next to some soccer fields – you can kind of see the goals in the background of the third photo – making it feel even more expansive (and peaceful as long as no one’s practicing 🙂

  11. tayla Says:

    this chicken stinks

  12. jordan Says:

    thhis chicken can not sing BOO

  13. someone Says:

    I have two chickens and i live in the city.

  14. Nick Says:

    lucky you. i wish i had chickens. 😦

  15. sexy sanchez Says:

    chicken is da shit

  16. connor s Says:

    chickens are very tasty how dare you say they are horrible i will kill anyone that says that chickens are shit you racist bastards.

  17. pedro Says:

    and so we digress!

  18. pedro Says:

    Would it do any good to save the feathers from the chicken-pluck’n, and stuff the walls with them? chickens are warm.

  19. Ed Says:

    I love chikens…. my name is ed

  20. chickens!!! Says:

    i love chickens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Anonymous Says:


  22. nicky Says:

    I love chickens they are cute.

  23. Chicken Licken Says:

    the sky is falling down, run like fuck you Yankee bastards

  24. Chicken Licken Says:

    i have laods of chickens, i hatch them out in my own incubator in the garage. I live in a residential area in the city, and no complaints so far, though i am a bit worried about sidney my little rooster, he’s starting to cock a doodle do at 5am every day…..yikes

  25. David Says:

    i lov chicken we have 10 of them and no one complains which i like! 🙂

    • umm so anyone wanna have sex with these things just to be honest i like some chickens sex when im ready i like the hard stuff keep the rooster crowing bitch!!!! i love chicken sex orgys then i murder them and put my 2 inch penis into their decomposing glands …….

  26. bam Says:

    chicks are the most adorle thing in out the land. Here are some tips on how to take care of chicks in your class if your going to hacth them in your class.
    First have furtil eggs then get a incubater. After put the eggs in the incubater then turn the eggs until 21 days is up. After 21 days thats when the eggs should hacth. When the chicks hacth feed them chicken mash. I think thats it if not look at other comments Bye.

  27. ham Says:

    chicks are so cute and adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love there fuzzy fur,it’s so soft!!!!!sometimes i kiss them!!!!!!!

    • bam Says:

      so what who cares what you think about chicks all i know is that i wish i was a very famous rich person.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I think they have feathers. not fur. and you’re not sopposed to kiss them!

      • u stupid cunthole u have no common sense the chickens are smarter than you …full stop period i like my chickens young and fresh ready for my masterful cock

      • maz Says:

        You should be locked up for writing this on here, in Australia you would be, what is wrong with you sick, mindless excuse for a human, if I caught you, no one would find you.

  28. bfg Says:

    boo chicks smell like fart jk but they do stink sometimes.

  29. bfg Says:

    chicks smell really bad and also look like poo and if you ask me they smell like fart and rotten eggs.

  30. Pops Says:

    Chickens should not eat chicken legs. cannibal chickens are commonplace, infact the commercial chicken industry typically feeds its chickens, not only chicken parts but also industrial waste from china and other countries, rendered animal fats from the grease industry. and other lovely stuff that animals fust are not supposed to eat. we have built a buisness from this fact. unfortunately our clean animal feeds only ship in the Pacific NW.

    If you ever find your chickens bloody in your coop be sure to clean any blood out of the enclosure with some vinigar or Bacout or the hens will stop laying eggs. it happened to us.

  31. mack-attack Says:

    my chicken is in its birth day suit!!!! waaaa whoooooo

    • Bruna Says:

      From Ecolutionist: Free-Range Eggs: What’s the Price for Freedom? From Planet Green: Choosing a Heritage Breed Chicken From NaturalPapa: The first Hank D cartoon with Wendy the Chicken

  32. i love chickens,
    i think they are the greatest gitf from god, and that is why i am apart of chickenisum religion. you should join.
    you will not regret it.
    ogg holy chicken. what would i do with out you/?

    • Says:

      wise you are chicken Schnitzel .
      i became a chickenisum, and i think i will forever berewarded by the great chicken. dis you know there was a 25 ft. chicken in asia? i went to it last year and it and prayed to our holy chickenisumis and he grantet all my prays with love and fortune. now how generouse is that!

  33. chicken Schnitzel Says:

    oh my holy chicken! no i did not know of that!
    i am so going to pray to our holy chicken.
    chicken christ! i think this whole chickenisum thing isnt as

    popular as all the other religions out there, and we should

    make it well known! even though i went to europe a few years

    back, and there was a few people that followed the great

    chickenisum, i think it should be known world wide. dont you?

    where you from, anyway?

  34. Says:

    yes my friend, it should be known world wide.
    oh i am from melbourne australia.
    and my wife, and three children and i follow the great
    what about you?

  35. Kren Says:

    “chickens are very tasty how dare you say they are horrible i will kill anyone that says that chickens are shit you racist bastards.”
    It would be interesting to find out the average IQ of the people leaving comments on this page.

  36. This could help, somehow.

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