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The real beginning of this blog August 26, 2007

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CAT I say that this is “the real beginning” because when I started this blog 3 months ago, I started it with the intent of writing about the green vs. budget vs. design decisions that my wife and i would be making during our green rehab project.

However, over the past 3 months we haven’t been making those decisions because our house hasn’t been getting built. That’s why we are celebrating that the beginning has arrived.
Let me walk you through the history for more context and so that you’re better informed should you decide to take on such a project.

March/April 2007 – We searched all around St Louis for a reasonable home.

April 2007 – Realized the home we wanted didn’t exist (or it did actually but the ppl weren’t budging on price). We then found our place (in the rockin neighborhood of Tower Grove South) and knew we wanted to do the big stuff before moving in.

April – Reach out to St Louis contacts for architect reccos and found Paul Brenden.

Early May – Bought the house and commissioned Paul to design our Green, efficient, family-friendly, ultra-cool, rehab/addition.

May 28th – Paul comes back with the perfect concept.

June – Some floor plan changes, finalized various aspects of the design. Started talking with builders who had green experience.

July 12th – Got a decent sent of drawings to send to 4 builders.

July 25th – Aug. 4th – rough estimates came back from the builders. A couple builders were eliminated because they weren’t serious, and a new builder came on-board.

Aug. 7th-17th – further builder interviewing and estimate reviews. Of the serious builders, each had some great strengths and the decision was pretty tough.

Aug. 19th – On this day we signed a contract with a builder and made a down payment.

We decided to go with ………. Sage Homebuilders

I’ll tell you all the reasons for choosing Sage tomorrow. (Festival of Nations wore me out and I’m going to bed).


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