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Why it’s all worth it. (Festival of Nations) August 17, 2007

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Quick history:

1. May 5th – signed on with Architect

2. May 29th – see first concept drawings

3. July 12th – Preliminary plans ready for pricing

4. Today – haven’t started construction yet

Why is it all worth it? It’s not just because the house is going to be kick-ass. It’s because this neighborhood and the adjoining neighborhoods are so freakin cool.

Case in point:

The Festival of Nations at Tower Grove Park. When I first went to this festival about 5 yrs ago, I thought it was a cool event. All of these people with different backgrounds get together to share their cultures and backgrounds.

Today, I’m even more appreciative of having this type of gathering as well as such diversity in my own backyard.  After living outside of St. Louis for the past couple years (I’m not from St Louis, so this isn’t an ode to the city) I’ve come to be more aware of the cultural resources we have in this city.

A good indicator is when you have to make a decision about what you’re going to do on a weekend and you really struggle in not being able to do it all.  For example, next Friday I must choose between Music at Laumeier Sculpture Park or going to the pre-party for the International Festival (not sure where it is, only heard about it.)   And I’m not mentioning all of the other options there are.

Anyhow, bring some food, drinks and a blanket. The people watching is amazing. And only blocks from our new place.


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