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Sorry for doubting you, City of St. Louis Refuse Division August 16, 2007

Filed under: Live Green 2.0 — budint @ 8:56 pm

 If you only read this first sentence, then read “The St Louis Refuse Division was responsive”. 

I posted a bit of frustration the other day when I realized that my new (and temporary) loft didn’t do any recycling.  I mean, all these people stuffed down here on Washington Ave. and no recycling center.

So, I emailed one night and completely assumed that no one would ever contact me. I was wrong. The next morning I had an email from Elizabeth McAdam, a Recycling Specialist for the city. She informed me that though the there wasn’t one listed on the web-site (due to their IT staff, apparently), a recycling center does exist at 14th and Delmar.

I’m happy to be separating my recyclables once again.

On a separate note, you should take the city’s recycling survey if you haven’t done so.  It’s a small bit of work and makes you think, but since they probably make decisions off this type of research, thought I’d fill it out.


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