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New Loft Offers Design Ideas for Our New Place August 14, 2007

Filed under: Design — budint @ 1:16 am

Our new (and temporary) loft is a pretty hip feeling place. Lots of young people, right on Washington Ave. in the heart of the new downtown loft living district. Though we just moved on Saturday, I’ve already learned a lot of about the design of this place which I don’t like, and kind of like.

1. This place is an old warehouse and they’ve chiseled much of the plaster off the wall to expose some of the brick (very similar to what I’m doing at the green rehab). I like how they left a large amount of the plaster, it looks very gritty on top of the brick. However, I don’t like how the plaster randomly falls off now and then. Little chunks here, little chunks there. I think at our place, we’ll just chisel it all off.


2. Exposed Ducts – Love the industrial look. Love the simplicity and the saving in dry-wall and framing. Also like how you can get the vents in the center of the room. Don’t like how open walls and ceiling are somewhat necessary for the ducts to float around.

duct work

3. HVAC unit above open space – I thought this idea would be a good use of space, which it is. However, the constant humming of the unit is enough to drive you crazy. Can’t wait for this heat wave to pass so that the unit stops running.

HVAC unit


So, loft living it is. At least until our green rehab is completed. Oct, Nov, Dec, who knows when.


PS. The city needs a recycling center down here and needs to work out a system w/ the loft owners. I’ll be investigating.


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