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National Night Out: A Chance to learn the history of our house August 13, 2007

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Tuesday Aug. 7th was National Night Out, which meant on our block (or what will be our block when this project is complete) everyone brought out food and mingled with one another.

The theme was international potluck and we brought polish sausages, since the wife is half (or 1/3rd) Pole, and I brought PBR for myself. The heat was unbearable and the extension corded fans from resourceful neighbors did little to make the event comfortable.  We did however meet some great people, many our age, and were reminded why we bought on the block and are suffering through the building process.

The biggest shocker of talking to neighbors was the older woman who described a few summers ago when the real estate investment company which buys ugly houses (kind of sad our place was an ugly house) ran a brothel from the house for a summer.


Apparently, this neighbor woman and a group of other concerned citizens worked all summer to get the prostitutes and the Johns (customers of prostitutes) out of the house.   Fortunately after having the power and water turned off, as well as getting the police involved, they were able to push this thriving small business out of the house.

Sometimes homeowners get visitors from former owners or the kids of former owners. This is always fun because you get to hear the history of the house and the memories of living there.  We on the other hand, may well get a different type of visitor who had a different type of experience in our house.       Can’t wait!!!


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