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Still killing time August 7, 2007

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What does one do while they wait for their big home rehab project to get kicked off? They start dreaming of the next project.

As previously mentioned, I’m quite intrigued w/ shipping containers and the potential to build with them. There are lots of sites with ideas on how to use them for your house, garage, vacation home, an apt complex, or a standardized refugee shelter in the Caribbean.

I however am interested in using these building blocks for our garage. The benefits are plentiful. Stackable, hurricane proof, inexpensive, fire proof, etc. etc. As the planning for my garage started, it soon turned into a container condo (see below).

container home

Thanks to Google’s free Sketchup 3d design program, i’ll be able to create multiple versions of the future garage, as well as other ‘potential’ building projects.


4 Responses to “Still killing time”

  1. […] Oh, and she totally uses Google’s sketchup. How sweet is that? (were her and I meant to work together?) […]

  2. adrian bianconi Says:

    is very interessant . i studant pesquise for container homes for word , i belive instrutions and projets for my job colege , tanks for help is firends .mail for me projets containers home, is very important for city and recilcle to containers congratulations for projects . please. Ufpr – litoral -paraná brasil . i sory for my english.

    • adriano Says:

      Dear caro great chará Adriano, me from Brasil too, I will make my home from shipping container in Sertãozinho/SP here in Brazil, if you have some more ideas or information please email me god bless you.

  3. Hi,

    Stumbled across your site on my never ending quest for all things Container Homes.

    I appreciate its early days for your design but I noticed your cross stacking on the image above.

    I made a free 30 minute video that addresses the “rules” of stacking containers for those interested in Shipping Container Homes.

    Please feel free to check it out

    Whilst cross stacking can be done it requires considerable structural modification and when most people understand just how much they tend to abandon the idea and stack them as intended.

    I thought this might save you some time and energy.



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