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Stalling for time with the brick fireplace July 30, 2007

Filed under: Green Rehab — budint @ 1:14 pm

  Things don’t always move as fast as you’d like them to move.  Take my Green Rehab/Addition project. Would I like to be living in my new home now? Of course!!   Is that dream close to reality? Nope!!

I know what I’m in control of and what I’m not, but I’m also a big fan of progress. So, while waiting for the bigger project to take off, I’ve started working on the fireplace in the front room.  The aim is to keep the front of the house more traditional and roll into a more contemporary look in the back.


I’ve chipped off much of the plaster and plan to go to the ceiling with the brick. I could remove the plaster from the left and right of the fireplace to expose brick there as well, but that could be too much brick for such a small room.  A drawback for this wall and all the walls in this room is that they’ll lack insulation 😦     So what does that do for my efficient house? I’m not sure.  Hoping the builders can tell me.


One Response to “Stalling for time with the brick fireplace”

  1. […] warehouse and they’ve chiseled much of the plaster off the wall to expose some of the brick (very similar to what I’m doing at the green rehab).  I like how they left a large amount of the plaster, it looks very gritty on top of the brick. […]

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