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Do the Green Caps really go towards Green Energy? July 19, 2007

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I bought another half-gallon of Silk at the grocery store on Sunday.  Why do I buy Silk? Is it because I’m worried about Bovine Growth Hormones in my dairy milk? Nope.

Is it because the hippies drink Silk? Nope. I don’t drink Fat Tire either. I’m a PBR/Miller Highlife man.

  I really think it has something to do with the green aspect of their advertising and especially the Green Caps Wind Energy campaign, they supposedly have.  But is it true? Do they really purchase a KW, or whatever the amount for every time I submit my UPC number?  You really have to wonder.

Green Caps


 Any Silk isn’t the only company. Think about everyone. Auto companies using green materials in the padding of their cars, companies like Forbo who have an “environment” section on their website.  Is it real? Do they really take the environment seriously in their manufacturing process?


 The biggest question mark (or biggest hoax possibly) these days are the ‘carbon offset’ companies. They will allow you to buy carbon offset credits to make you feel better about your air travel, V8 automobile, running A/C all summer and keeping your hotwater heater on high.  Yes, for a small donation of $20 per ton of CO2, they’ll plant a tree for you and invest in renewable energy.  Some are non-profit orgs, others are clearly for profit. Check out the list:


Each has it’s own spin on the idea of paying someone money to offload your guilt.  Can someone say “Catholic Church?”



One Response to “Do the Green Caps really go towards Green Energy?”

  1. Susan Budin Says:

    Yes, I can say Catholic Church but that is another blog.
    In 1996 we lived in Hawaii. The public schools had recycle containers in the cafeteria. There was a news story about a student who followed the “recycled” material from when it was picked up to its final green destination. Turns out the final destination was the landfill, same as the other garbage. I don’t recall if this was SOP or a one time navigational error. Does this fall under you can fool some of the people all the time or all the people some of the time?
    I would want someone to document from the the UPC # to one year after the tree is planted. Will it be a $4.99 “twig” tree or a $99.99 “a little taller than me” tree? IF a tree is planted, was it staked and watered?

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