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Sustainable Gardening and Landscaping July 18, 2007

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As previously mentioned my wife and I recently returned from South Africa. While there she had the opportunity to plant sustainable gardens in the township of Mamelodi (near Johannesburg). These gardens will provide spinach and kale for the households that she planted for.


This got me thinking on our new house…how should we garden and landscape? One of the most sustainable ways of gardening is using plants that are indigenous to the area and growing the food that you eat. (2 separate ideas here: 1. Grow your own food. 2. Landscape w/ regional friendly plants. Not advocating eating rose bushes or ground cover)

In fact, the St. Louis Botanical Gardens has courses on Missouri gardening. How cool is that? Now that my wife and her team planted over 30 gardens in Mamelodi we are excited to see what she can do with our yard.

Here’s a link to Missouri Botanical Gardens and an example of their gardening classes:

Might as well check out the Whitaker Jazz Festival if your visiting the site (only 3 shows left)



One Response to “Sustainable Gardening and Landscaping”

  1. Christine Kalasek Says:

    You may want to consider planting herbs. Many are perinial, they require minimal care and maintenance, and if you do not prune them for culinary use they have lovely delicate flowers on them (although flowering tends to diminish flavor for cooking).

    I agree with the Budin comment on the storage containers!!! Hard to be green in a toxic storage unit. Not to mention, just plain ugly.

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