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Live Earth Concert: the real deal or the zenith of the “Live Green 2.0” movement? July 8, 2007

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The wife and I have been living in rural S. Africa for the past 10 days and needless to say, we weren’t super up on the latest development of the Live Earth Concert. So upon returning to the U.S.A. on Saturday, July 7th (yes, 7-7-7, lucky day) we found on tv this global concert/movement.

Of course it is very cool that the world is trying to come together to make our earth more livable. If for some reason you missed Live Earth, here is the link:

They have great articles on the website from eating local produce to spicy up your sex life the green way, who knew? You can also get screwed with high-priced Live Earth apparel at Live Earth Merchandise. $40 for a t-shirt, NO WAY!!!

Anyhow, with all this I was thinking….. “”holy cow we’re currently in the middle of the “Live Green 2.0″ movement.”” I say 2.0 because 1.0 was in the 70’s with the earth homes, energy crisis, more fuel efficient cars, birth of the EPA, etc.

So how did this new movement start? Was it the mini, the prius, Sept. 11th, Al Gore’s movie, web 2.0 enabling global collaboration….. Not sure, but I’m really hoping this isn’t today’s Tibet Freedom concert, another “We are the world, we are the children” concert, or any other flash in the pan movement that stalls out when government’s don’t change and the people move onto something else. (how are the Tibetans doing by the way?)

Seriously, are we seeing the peak of this trend or is America and the world really getting serious about how we treat the Earth? I suppose the proof will be in the legislation our politicians write and the everyday habits our citizens adopt.

You can ponder this like me or you can enjoy the moment by playing w/ the Carbon Footprint calculator and make the commitment.


2 Responses to “Live Earth Concert: the real deal or the zenith of the “Live Green 2.0” movement?”

  1. Susan Budin Says:

    we have a short attention span. by 1980 there was really nothing left of the 1.0. the EPA was viewed as the enemy; intruding on people’s property and in their lifes. but we can be motivated…not by a song but with cold hard cash. take away some of the large farm corporation subsidies and direct the funds to rebates for ANY energy saving device, system, purchase the average person makes everyday.

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