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Green Rehab: I have a cool idea for a garage June 20, 2007

Filed under: Green Rehab — budint @ 11:16 pm

In keeping with all the principals of my new “design/building philosophy” (not quite that well baked) I’ve come up w/ this new idea for our future garage which I’ve been floating by my wife.

For all the smartie pants, this is old, but for those who don’t know, the U.S. imports something like 100 times more goods than it exports.  So that leaves our country with tons of empty shipping containers which are very costly to ship back to the country of origin.   Due to this phenomena, smart designer types (like my architect) have come up w/ neat ways to use these containers. Even the brits have developed this odd, freaky container housing projects, which reminds me of something out of 28 days later.

So my idea isn’t a housing project or to develop some nasty germ warfare concoction to wipe out a city.  It’s simply to use 2 or 3 containers as our garage. These would need to be attached and lots of walls cut out and some serious designing. Not to mention, you’d want it to not stick out like an orange shipping container with “HYUNDAI” on the side. Or maybe that’d be cool.

In fear of overwhelming my architect, i’ll keep this on the down low for now.

Example of building w/ shipping containers:



5 Responses to “Green Rehab: I have a cool idea for a garage”

  1. Susan Budin Says:

    speaking of germwarfare, how many germs, toxins, chemicals are clinging to those containers? if your neighborhood does not have covenents, your “container garage” will be the impetus to getting some “Declarations and Restrictions” petition going. I’ll sign it.

  2. […] As previously mentioned, I’m quite intrigued w/ shipping containers and the potential to build with them.  There are lots of sites with ideas on how to use them for your house, garage, vacation home, an apt complex, or a standardized refugee shelter in the Caribbean. […]

  3. Chris B Says:

    I am on board with your idea “Killing Time”. Apparently, Susan thinks cars emit and contain non-toxic chemicals. Last time I checked, practically everything related to a car can kill you. I am also quite certain everything that Susan buys from Sam’s and Wally World arrived via these very containers. I would imagine the wood floors in most containers have preservatives (duh) and a variety of possible chemicals, but the possibility that any of these chemicals would be worse than the gasoline in your tank or carbon monoxide from your tail pipe would be remotely slim. You can also relatively easily remove the floor as most are secured to the metal underside via screws. As far as looks are concerned, to those with a limited understanding of construction it is helpful to understand that practically everything built is based on a box. A variety of facades can easily be applied to just such a box — even a peaked roof and vinyl siding! The overall idea is exceptionally green, especially if a flat, living roof is incorporated in the overall design to help lessen the flow of runoff into city sewers where it pushes excrement into our river. I have a plasma cutter and mig welder at the ready, when shall we start?

  4. jeff Says:

    Dude You don’t need and architect just a book, your buddies and your favorite beverage.

  5. Nice Idea. i googled it and found this one. it seems to be Bigger xD

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