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Green Home Tour offers a showcase of ideas, products and builders June 19, 2007

Filed under: Green Rehab — budint @ 1:57 am

 This past weekend the Green Building Council, which is part of the St Louis Home Builders Association held a green home tour here in St. Louis.   This was a great opportunity to get ideas, meet vendors and meet builders.  I also had the chance to see SIPs in person as well as the spray-on insulation stuff; both of which I plan to use.

We visited the three Belcher Homes in Kirkwood and one was really neat. The owner was the architect and she has designed some great lines on the place.  The other 2 places were just okay.  I was surprised however by how many people who were at the Belcher home tour, must’ve been 20-30 folks while we were there and they were all quite excited green building.

We also went by the Sage 4 townhomes on Gustine Ave. in Tower Grove. Here we were surprised that no one was there. Just one vendor and one visitor talking his ear off.

How great is it that we’re in a city w/ a Green home tour?  Wow!!


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