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Geothermal advice from a Sage (builder that is) June 1, 2007

Filed under: Green Rehab,Mechanical Systems — budint @ 12:26 pm

 Mike Greene from Sage Home Builders emailed me some helpful advice for considering a geothermal system.  I’m assuming he has experience from Sage having installed this in some of their homes and especially with the installation in their new Near-Zero Energy Home.

The summary of what Mike says below is that geothermal is probably the not best system for a home my size (1800sq ft). However, I’m quite excited that he reached out to me and I hope to get a chance to see this Near-Zero Energy home and get some good ideas for our place.

From Mike’s Email: “Older homes stand to benefit the most from Geothermal- considering their propensity for using large amounts of energy to heat and cool. The size of your home will be the factor, smaller homes (less than 2400 sf) may not save you enough money over the long term for the price you pay to install geothermal.

 Many of the larger homes, say in Brentmoor (7000 to 15000 sf), benefit the most when you start comparing cost of system to monthly utility bills. IF you live in a smaller, older home- you may get the best bang for your buck by replacing your windows and install a super high efficient HVAC system (93-95%). You could probably do both for the same price of Geothermal.”

Thanks so much Mike.


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