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Green Rehab: To Go Geothermal or Not? May 30, 2007

Filed under: Green Rehab,Mechanical Systems — budint @ 6:21 pm

Here’s how it’s gone. First, I never thought about getting geothermal, then my architect said we should look into geothermal, then I looked and found crazy high prices and went back to standard HVAC. Then today i talked to a local friend who said he knows someone who has it installed and the efficiency is super fabulous and the cost is only $5k.

hmmm… now it’s back on my list of things to check out. Here’s some information on the technology, Geothermal Heatpump Consortium . What better place to get unbiased info than a govt lobbyist group. Here’s a nice little graphic to show how geothermal heat pumps work.

Will share the info as it comes in.


One Response to “Green Rehab: To Go Geothermal or Not?”

  1. Mike G. Says:

    We just installed Geothermal for a home in Creve Coeur. Worked out to about $6500.00 per ton for the best system you can buy. You can get away with $4000 – $5000 per ton. Drilling is getting cheaper (depending on where you drill), due to more people getting into the business and new systems on coming on the market. In the city- you may have issues with space to drill, but I know people are doing it.

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