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Greeh Rehab: A $1400 high efficiency dishwasher? May 30, 2007

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When buying new appliances you have to consider the long-term cost of your purchase.

1. What is the operating cost e.g. water, electricity, detergent, wear on dishes?

2. What is the social cost of using a bunch of energy?

3. How long does the appliance last?

And these are balanced with:

1. What is the price of the unit?

2. How long will you live there?

First thought was to get the most efficient, longest lasting dishwasher on the market. That’s the Asko brand, made in Sweden. They’re super efficient.

Then you get the sticker shock: $1000-$1500. EEEEKKSSS!!!!!!!!!!

I can get a sweet Jenn Air or GE for $700. Are they really so much less efficient?

I’ll need to do the math on this, but at first glance from the Energy Star chart above I don’t see the cost even equaling out.

Any input on this would be great. Can I expect my ASKO to last for 20yrs? That might change my mind. Or am I just paying out the ASKO for a Swedish dishwasher?



5 Responses to “Greeh Rehab: A $1400 high efficiency dishwasher?”

  1. Mike G. Says:

    I have been using the Asko for 3 years now- it is the quietest, and most efficient DW I have ever used. Cleans very, very well. Don’t even know it’s running sometimes! $300.00 difference? I would still pay it.

  2. Matthew Says:

    you know what could be interesting is the water costs. i’ve never really considered the cost to our confluence of using my dishwasher isntead of the sink cuase i have no clue how much water is used in either case. that could be just as important as the energy (prvodied i use my rinse cycle mostly).

  3. Peermahaupe Says:

    Super site! will definitely come back again.

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