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My new neighborhood source for information May 28, 2007

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 I ran across this guy’s site during our house hunting process and now that we’ve settled back into the old neighborhood, I’ll probably start reading his blog for information on the area.  He does a good job at gathering as much information as possible to share with others so that the locals can make informed decisions.

Can’t tell if this blogger (Steve is his name) has a political bias or agenda, but sure we’ll discover his MO after reading more posts. The basics:  he’s an architect/designer living only a few blocks away and seems very enthusiastic about the community. (Wonder if he knows my architect? Do architects hang out and know eachother?)  He’s married, has 2.5 kids and has lived in the hood since 2003 (decent street cred).

NET: We’ll keep reading your blog Steve. ANd maybe even interact at some point.


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