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Green Rehab: Choosing an Architect May 27, 2007

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I don’t have any experience with architect’s, let alone how to choose one who has similar tastes and sustainability values as myself. There is NO for clients and architects, though there should be. As far as I can tell its all about Word of Mouth (referrals) and faith.

Luckily for us we were given a strong Word of Mouth referral with a guy name Paul Brenden. Go to the guy’s site and you’ll be potentially underwhelmed by the 3-4 pictures of the place he currently lives in (which he designed) and which is also the office of his firm, dadoworks.

Meet Paul in person however and you’ll be WAY impressed. Paul is a soft spoken creative from the North Midwest and though he may not talk you to death like a car salesman, his ability to work your ideas into his is quite spectacular.

Don’t get me wrong, we (wife and i) didn’t fall in love w/ the first architect we found. We actually worked w/ Paul and another local architect for bids and through the process (before the proposals) we decided Paul was more right for us.

The outcome is still TBD, but what I’ve seen so far has my wife and I both very excited with Paul. (pics and video of Paul in action to come.) Dadoworks


2 Responses to “Green Rehab: Choosing an Architect”

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