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Green Rehab: Exterior Material Overload May 24, 2007

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I’m doing research on the exterior material, the shell, the siding, the skin (as my architect calls it) and it’s sooooo overwhelming. Of course we’re looking for something that’s:

  1. Sustainable – Manufactured w/ recycled materials or manufactured without harmful chemicals.
  2. Energy Efficient – Needs to have some reflective or insulative properties
  3. Long lasting/low maintenance – needs at least a 20yr warranty with as little maintenance as possible.
  4. Hot – Needs to be attractive, cool, off the grill, and yet fit well with the existing building.
  5. Reasonably Priced – Needs to be priced near comparable solutions, like hardi-plank or brick.

A couple of the proposed materials are:

1. Trespa – A panel which appears popular in Europe. Looks pricey.


2. Paperstone Rainscreen – very cool stuff, love the designs, great website. I’m able to see a couple designs that I really like. Made from recycled materials. Unsure of the 10yr warranty though. And no idea on price.

Paperstone Rainscreen

3. Cembonit – I like how sturdy this stuff is. Basically cement board in sheets. Their website is pretty weak on the design side, so I’m not emotionally drawn to Cembonit like I was to Paperstone. I need to see more examples to know if this stuff would look aesthetically pleasing on my house.

I think these are all in the running. Price will make a big difference. Need to find out pros and cons from Architect on these materials.


3 Responses to “Green Rehab: Exterior Material Overload”

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  2. Diana Says:

    We’re in the exactly the same boat on making a siding decision for our more contemporary home. What did you decide???

  3. I just finished design and building a house using Cembonit as a rainscreen and love it as well as my clients. check out our website the da sharpe project so see if this is a good fit for you. It was also very cost effective and I like that the color is all the way through and unlike hardy plank you don’t have to treat the edges or face (which means cut it and your done, no paint no maintenance).

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